SheCodes Innovation Program


Having accomplished the idea of integrating entrepreneurial skills among the students, Dell Technologies wanted to invest in STEM Education and came up with the idea of conceptualizing a challenge that would enable the girls to show how far they have transformed after having harnessed the opportunities available. 

Taking forward the collaboration Dell Technologies has had with AIM, NITI Aayog. ‘SheCodes Innovation Program’ was launched in the year 2020 and aimed to encourage girls to tinker, create, sustain, and innovate. The program was aligned with the country-wide Tinkering Challenge rolled out by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Government of India. 

The program followed a phased approach of student engagement that included mentor-led boot camps, internship with Dell Technologies, product development & testing, patent/copywriting filing support, and guidance for product launch. This structure of the program ensured that the to-be entrepreneurs pursue a well-rounded and multi-layered journey to comprehend the depths of the business world. Additionally, the program also created a network of young innovators and entrepreneurs.

The program has introduced 320 girl students from 130 teams across the country to the exciting world of tinkering, creating and innovating. The participating students have filed 15 patents and developed more than 300 prototypes since the launch of the program where 23 products had reached the commercial stage. 



An innovation solving the problem of improper waste collection & management by collecting and dumping the waste material automatically resulting

Smart Tap

The cleaning system that segregates the clear and clean water from dirty water. 

Farm Tech

An economical, digital & easy to use device that predicts and provides localized information to farmers based on data and insights ultimately reducing the chances of crop failure and increases profits. 

Air quality monitor and Purifier

Serves the purpose of detecting poor air quality and replenish it with required things. 

Water Quality Analysis using ardiuno

It is a water quality analysis kit for testing water quality -parameters such as pH value, TDS , and turbidity using sensors.