Product Development

After the in-depth learning and hands-on experience of working on prototypes, the girl students start the process of converting their prototypes into final products. During this time, the students are in direct touch with the subject matter experts, which helps them to work on product building with more confidence, clarity, and direction. On completion of the product development phase, the students are encouraged to get the functional products tested by the ultimate consumers and collect feedback for the same. This helps them to refine their final products. 

Doctor RAD

Flexy Wheel Chair

Smart Stretcher

Water Purifier

Automatic Water Purifier

NMS Explorer

Doctor RAD is a Robot Assistant for the doctor, that can help patients with primary health issues and can become a helpful assistant to the medical caregivers in the hospitals.

Transfer device which can be operated by Foot. That helps in transferring bed ridden patients/ old age people. In normal situations at least two helping hands are needed to transfer a patient, with the help of this device a patient can be handled without helping hands

Smart Stretcher is a self-stabilizing patient transferring mechanism, provided with a high-torque metal servo box. It can be used during all instances of transporting a patient.

Water purification system using degradable cotton, activated charcoal, stones, and gravel to filter the water. This Solution uses affordable and effective products to purify the water

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