The Internship Phase, organized in a physical setting at Dell Site, introduces the girl students to the nuances of problem-solving, design thinking, product development, branding, and patenting. At the same time, it further empowers the girls to work in a male-dominated STEM space. The experience of sharing stories by women leaders in Tinker Space instills a great deal of confidence and motivates the girls to follow in their footsteps.

The details of the Internship Program are placed below: 

Subject experts and corporate leaders actively participate to provide an immersive experience to the students. This allows the student innovators to work closely with Industry Experts, and their valuable insights in turn help in fine-tuning the technicalities associated with the prototypes created by the students.

The internship program introduces the students to the nuances of the entrepreneurial world by focusing on Data Analysis, Intellectual Property Rights, Business Design, and other related aspects like Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping.